Cruiser FR Helmet Black X-Small

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Designed for racers who run classes that do not require a full-face helmet. If you want great protection and the wind in your face, the Simpson Cruiser Helmet is just what you need. The Simpson Cruiser Helmet is also equipped with M6 terminal hardware for head & neck restraint devices.


Snell SA2015 Certified
Open-Faced Design Allows Driver to Wear Goggles, Glasses, or Sunglasses
Stock Car-style Visor and Anti-Glare Strip
Exclusive Impact-Absorbing Liner
Includes Extra Set of Adjustable Cheek Pads
Head and Neck Restraint Compatible


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Cruiser FR Helmet Black X-Small

Weight  4.3 lbs
Dimensions  13.5 x 10.9 x 10.8 in

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