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NC-2 Progressive Nitrous Controller/Data Logger

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The Daytona Sensors 116002 NC-2 is a nitrous system controller.  This progressive controller pulse width modulates the solenoid valves and allows you to control the flow rate. The two primary applications for a progressive controller are matching nitrous system power output to vehicle requirements and independently controlling fuel and nitrous oxide flows for optimum air/fuel ratio (AFR). The NC-2 can be used for both applications.  The NC-1 and NC-2 units have identical features and capabilities except that the NC-2 can directly drive two nitrous stages with progressive control (modulated flow).  

If you have a high horsepower nitrous system in a vehicle with limited traction, you can use time or RPM based progressive control to reduce the power output in the mid-RPM range or off the starting line to eliminate problems with wheel spin.  You can also use RPM based progressive control to reduce excessive strain on the engine in the mid-RPM range.

By independently modulating the fuel and nitrous solenoids, you can control the AFR. This is especially useful for late model fuel injected vehicles.


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