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#1 Automotive Sweepstakes Win this 850HP Nissan GT-R or $50,000 Cash

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Every 70 Days we give away a
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  • All previous winners have been documented and disclosed on the website and social media for full transparency.
  • The sweepstakes is regulated under U.S. law, liscensed and bonded in all U.S. states.


Speed Society has been giving away cars and cash every (60 days) since June 2015. We are the industry leaders and partner with the top automotive and aftermarket brands in the world to create sweepstakes builds that legitimately change people's lives forever. Our sweepstakes are 100% legal, licensed, and bonded in all the US states. This is not a raffle, lottery, etc. but rather a legal sweepstakes and requires no purchase to participate. Want more proof? Scroll through our winners below to see actual people just like you that have previously won and have had their lives changed forever!

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Speed Society is the largest automotive network in the world! We are a vertical content publisher/aggregator that delivers high quality, engaging content to millions of automotive enthusiasts daily. Speed Society is made up of real automotive enthusiasts, obsessed with the people, culture, and the racing lifestyle. Speed Society manages and is partnered with some of the most well-known brands and celebrities, both inside and outside the automotive industry.

Winners Circle

Since 2015 we have been changing lives with our sweepstakes & asking the question... car or cash?

Sweepstakes #26

Prize Taken: PHANTOM CTS-V

Jadon Austin

Kansas City, MO


Past Winners

Sweepstakes #24

Prize Taken: 2020 C8 Corvette

Blake Schutte
Fort Branch, IN


Sweepstakes #23

Prize Taken: 767 HP CTS-V

Mike Oliveira
Hudson, FL


Sweepstakes #22

Prize Taken: 760HP DDR Mustang

Kelley Knight
Littleton, CO


Sweepstakes #21

Prize Taken: $50,000 CASH

Jacob Diffendall
Baltimore, MD


#20 Hulcat

Prize Taken: 1000HP Dodge Hellcat

Weston Wade
Corpus Christi, TX


#19 Stealth ZL1

Prize Taken: Stealth ZL1 Camaro

Ryan Weger
Edmond, OK


#18 Battle of Boost ZL1 vs. C63s

Prize Taken: C63 Mercedes Benz

Benjamin Miller
Prospect, KY


#17 Vengeance C7R

Prize Taken: 850HP C7.R Corvette Z06

Nicholas Kriese
Gilbert, AZ


#16 Redline GT-R

Prize Taken: Redline GT-R

Deck Reichert
Lasalle, CO


#15 Black Venom GTS Viper

Prize Taken: $50,000 Cash

Randall Jenkins
Canby, OR


#14 Grudge Match Hellcat vs. Z06

Prize Taken: Corvette Z06

Ashley Jaeger
Kernersville, NC


#13 Green Envy Hellcat

Prize Taken: $50,000 Cash

Chip Springall
Georgetown, TX


#12 The Beast GT-R

Prize Taken: Cobb 800HP GT-R

Liam Doran
Twisp, WA


#11 The Dark Knight GT-R

Prize Taken: $50,000 Cash

Matthew Bunch
Louisville, KY


#10 Muscle Car Madness 69′ Camaro

Prize Taken: 1000HP 1969 Camaro

Jacob Wolfe
Stilwell, OK


#9 Alpha 7 GT-R

Prize Taken: Alpha 7 GT-R

Graham Boyer
Houston, TX


#8 Godzilla GT-R

Prize Taken: $50,000 Cash

Scott Timmons
San Jose, CA


#7 TYP GTR vs. Raptor vs. Hellcat

Prize Taken: 1000HP Forza Hellcat

Chris Watson
Vancouver, WA


#6 Dodge Hellcat

Prize Taken: $50,000 Cash

Mike Langston
Huntington B, CA


#5 Alpha 7 GT-R

Prize Taken: 700HP ALPHA7 GT-R

Scott McMurry
Parrish, FL


#3 C7 Corvette

Prize Taken: $40,000 Cash

Teo Purcell
Sparks, NV


#2 GT-R

Prize Taken: Nissan GT-R

Jimi Higgins
Mansfield, OH


#1 Custom C-10

Prize Taken: Custom C10

Justine Bunda
Redway, CA


Sweepstakes #25

Prize Taken: 1100HP Redeye Hellcat

Brayton Swann
Tampa, FL


NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. Purchasing does not improve your chances of winning. You have equal chance to win without purchase. Open only to residents of the United States, age 18 or older, with a valid state issued driver’s license. Void outside the U.S. and wherever prohibited by law. Starts November 26, 2020 and ends February 10, 2021. For Official Rules, details on qualified merchandise and details on how to enter without making a purchase, visit The Official Rules. Sponsor: Speed Society, LLC., 4122 Sorrento Valley Blvd Suite 104, San Diego, CA 92121.