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How it works

Every 70 Days we give away a fully built dream car or $50K

The sweepstakes is executed by the largest regulated sweepstakes company in the U.S. We do not pick the winners or have any part in the operation or selection of the sweepstakes winners.

Winners are drawn at random by the sweepstakes company and then provided to Speed Society for the live announcement event which is streamed on Facebook.

All previous winners have been documented and disclosed on the website and social media for full transparency.

The sweepstakes is regulated under U.S. law, liscensed and bonded in all U.S. states.

Frequently Asked Questions

100% Real... this is not a scam!

Speed Society has been operating the #1 Automotive Sweepstakes in the country since 2015. It's federally regulated, audited, licensed and bonded in all U.S. States. We are the industry leader and partner with the top automotive and aftermarket brands in the world to create sweepstakes that legitimately change people's lives forever. All previous winners have been posted, documented, videoed, streamed live etc. since 2015. Furthermore, all previous winners are clearly located right on the sweepstakes page itself front and center with their associated videos, information, and even their own personal social media accounts.

How is the winner selected?

After each sweepstakes ends, all the entries are sent to the largest 3rd party sweepstakes agency in the U.S. based out of New York. After 5 business days, they draw a winner at random, then provide us the winner for the live Facebook announcement event which is streamed to over 8 million people, we call the winner live on-air for the whole world to watch.

When is the winner announced?

The winner is announced Live on Facebook (5-7) business days after the ending date of each sweepstakes. We live-stream the entire winner announcement for all entrants and fans to watch real-time as we reveal the name and call the winner directly.

Do I need to purchase a membership to enter?

No, but we highly recommend becoming a member due to the significant benefits you receive for a minimal fee. There is no reason not to become a VIP Member today!

Why? For only $8.95 a month, you receive the following member benefits:

  • (5) Automatic Entries every month towards your total entry accrual for the current sweepstakes.
  • Direct access to 1000’s of exclusive VIP benefits, perks, and discounts from Speed Society, our partners, and companies you use every day such as Walgreens, Verizon, Costco, Southwest, Target, and more.
  • 10% Off the entire Speed Society store. Each purchased product in the store grants additional entries towards your total overall accrual as well. (Many options for more sweepstakes entries)
  • Exclusive offers on track passes, product giveaways, and more.

How can I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at anytime! Please feel free to reach out to our customer service team, we want to make sure you are having the best customer experience as possible. Thank you and we appreciate you!

Who is Speed Society?

Speed Society is the largest automotive network in the world! We are a vertical content publisher/aggregator that delivers high quality, engaging content to millions of automotive enthusiasts daily. Speed Society is made up of real automotive enthusiasts, obsessed with the people, culture, and the racing lifestyle. Speed Society manages and is partnered with some of the most well-known brands and celebrities, both inside and outside the automotive industry.

Past Winners Since 2015

Sweepstakes #21

Prize Taken: Vengeance CTS-V

Jacob Diffendall
Baltimore, MD


#20 Hulcat

Prize Taken: 1000HP Dodge Hellcat

Weston Wade
Corpus Christi, TX


#19 Stealth ZL1

Prize Taken: Stealth ZL1 Camaro

Ryan Weger
Edmond, OK


#18 Battle of Boost ZL1 vs. C63s

Prize Taken: C63 Mercedes Benz

Benjamin Miller
Prospect, KY